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Wouldn't you love to take that phone off your shoulder and free your hands? Want to reduce neck & back strain at the same time? Then start using a telephone headset.

If you talk on the phone quite a bit you NEED a telephone headset. Balancing that receiver between ear and shoulder can be a real chore. Not only is it difficult to complete other tasks while on the phone, but it can also be, quite literally, a pain in the neck. Even if your phone use is sporadic, sloppy positioning can easily strain neck and shoulder muscles.

Yet few actually take advantage of a fairly inexpensive and simple solution: the telephone headset. Headsets allow you to talk while keeping both hands free, giving you the mobility you need for writing, typing etc

Did you know that…

People who use headsets are 37% more productive.
Headsets reduce fatigue by up to 42%.
Headsets ensure freedom of movement and multitasking

Good sense, safety, and in some states the law, says that you should use a hands free device.

This web site is designed to give you the facts you need to buy a phone headset for yourself or members of your staff. Here are some essentials you need to know about choosing the right headset:

Choosing A Headset
  • When shopping for a headset, comfort is key. Even the best-featured model will be a waste of money if the design isn't right and you don't like wearing it.

    For example, if you're not so keen on messing your hair, opt for an over-the-ear model rather than a headband style.
    For best results, try out a couple of models for a day in real-world conditions; any discomfort should show up quickly. Make sure the microphone is easily adjusted. Also, not only should you be able to hear your callers without trouble, but they should be able to tune into your voice clearly as well.
Convenient Features
  • Quick Disconnect
    Quick disconnect allows you to disconnect the headset from the telephone so you won't have to remove your headset when leaving your desk. 
  • Wireless Headsets
    Wireless headsets are also available if you'd like to walk around the office.
Headset Sound Quality
    Pay attention to a headset's sound quality. If you cannot be heard or people can't hear you, the headset is essentially worthless.

Because some people are just louder than others, volume controls can be very important. All models have an incoming volume control, but only a few offer outgoing volume control.
A second key to high quality sound is noise canceling, which helps reduce background noise so you can hear your callers more clearly.
Headset Use And Design
Headsets can be used with virtually any kind of office or home phone. They install by simply connecting one or two plugs. Differences are plenty between the models available, so it's important that you pay attention to the details when trying to find the right one. For noisy environments like call centers, a binaural headset, which sports two earpieces, is a good choice for drowning out background noise. However, if you aren't constantly on the phone, a monaural (single earpiece) headset will allow you to easily listen to your surroundings or hold conversations without removing your headset.