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  • Hands free Speaker phone with Push Button Volume Control
  • 10 Memory Keys (battery - free permanents to rage To nedialing)
  • Redial, Pause and Recall Keys (100mS Call Waiting compatible)
  • 3 position Ringer Volume switch
  • Message Waiting lamp:
    • neon (80 VDC)
    • BP250 Message Waiting
    • other system types optional
  • Acoustic Shock Protection
  • Mute Key works on Headset
  • Push button ear piece Volume Control
  • Trainee/supervisor "double jacking" mode
  • Headset Mic Adjustment allows any headset mic type
  • Headset Cable Polarity Switch - suits any headset cord
  • Built - in Headset Amplifier suits a wide range of headset types
  • "Silent Ringing" mode selectable so that incoming calls ring only in the headset to reduce call center ambient noise
  • Mid- call mode support - change between Headset, Hands free and Handset during a call